What is an Eyelash Tint and Is it Safe?

What is an Eyelash Tint and Is it Safe?

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what is an eyelash tint

Millions of women around the world wake up to find that their lashes are too short and thin. They have to swipe on mascara every few hours just so they can maintain a natural, fluttery look throughout the day. ​​It is a mystery how some people are blessed with naturally long, thick eyelashes while the rest of us have to put in more work. The frustrating thing about this gift from nature? Maintaining them takes serious effort and time!

It’s a tedious process doing this daily. Prepping in the morning and taking the time to remove mascara, plus other makeup products, from our face at night can get tiresome and stressful. If only there’s a way to have long and dark eyelashes without having to do the work, right?

Fortunately, eyelash tinting was invented, and beauty salons all over have made it possible for women to achieve that sultry, doe-eyed look with just a few visits to the spa every now and then.

Let’s talk about what an eyelash tint is, how it works, and if it’s safe.

semi permanent eyelash tint

What is Eyelash Tinting?

Eyelash tinting is a lot similar to having your roots touched up with a hair dye, only that this hair will be near your eyes. Salons typically use natural vegetable dyes to avoid irritation and allergic reactions on the eye area. Do note that dyes used for lash tinting are not the same as the normal hair dyes used on hair.

The entire tinting treatment process takes around 20 to 30 minutes of sitting in a salon chair, and you can even have it done during your lunch break as it has no downtime. Unlike the usual hair dye, where the foils on your head have to stay on for hours to achieve results, having your lashes tinted is book-and-go.

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Does lash tinting hurt?

Lash tinting is a virtually painless process, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. Prior to the procedure, your lash technician will evaluate your skin and lashes to determine its readiness for the procedure. But, generally, because many beauty spas use organic special dye for their beauty treatments, it will feel like you didn’t go through any procedure, at all.

What is the most notable difference between lash tints and lash lifts?

Lash lifting and lash tinting often get mistaken for each other, so let’s clear the air. A lash lift is a procedure that enhances your eyelashes’ curl, mimicking how a typical eyelash curler works but lasting for much longer at 8 to 12 weeks! Meanwhile, a lash tint involves the use of a special semi-permanent dye to achieve fuller-looking and dark lashes. When used together, you can achieve even more beautiful results!

lash tinting treatment

Is Eyelash Tinting Safe?

Eyelash tinting procedures are relatively safe, provided that you have it performed by a trained aesthetician. Because it is very close to the eyes, theFDA has issued a cautionary statement about the potential dangers it can cause, such as severe allergies and eye injuries.

The procedure of tinting lashes might seem fast and simple, but that’s because these are performed by clinicians who have had training on the proper treatment steps and the correct tools to get it done. It cannot also be emphasized more that you should avoid salons that use normal hair dye on lashes (because some actually do use these!).

Are eyelash tints bad for your natural lashes?

Not if it’s done the right way. It cannot be emphasized enough that you consult with a trained and experienced lash technician for this procedure. If done incorrectly with harsh products, lash tints can dry out your natural lashes and cause them to become brittle over time. Be sure that yourlash tinting service provider uses only the best professional dyes and ingredients when applying anything to your lashes and face.

How Long Do Lash Tints Last?

The average eyelash tint usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks. You can then revisit the beauty salon for a retouch. Do note that lash lightening can happen, depending on the original colour of your lashes and sun exposure. However, lash hairs also have a natural growth cycle, similar to the hair on our head, and can fall out when they’re reached their peak. But, don’t worry, new ones will grow next!

how long lash tints last

Can I Wear Mascara After an Eyelash Tint?

There’s really nothing stopping you from wearing mascara even after you’ve had your lashes tinted if you want an extra dark finish. However, the goal of tinting is so that you won’t have to put on mascara anymore.

Can I Tint My Lashes Myself?

As mentioned earlier, it is not recommended that you tint your lashes yourself, although we do know that there are at-home lash kits that you can purchase. If you choose the latter, be aware of the risks involved, especially if you have sensitive eyes and skin. Not allcolouring agents are safe to use for eyelashes and cosmetics in general, so be sure to watch out for the ingredients. Better yet, visit a salon near you to be safe.

What NOT to Do After a Lash Tint Procedure

Lash tinting has minimal to zero downtime so you can have it done over your lunch break and go back to work in time. However, if you wear contact lenses, you should remove them first before getting treatment to reduce the risks associated with irritation and allergies. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes or getting them wet at least for a few hours, too, just to make sure that the dye has settled in nicely.

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Getting Eyelash Tints Safely

The most dramatic difference from getting an eyelash tint is that you can wake up with a good-looking eye makeup look, and not worry about retouching throughout the day. The convenience of having that “woke up like this” look is a game changer to one’s beauty regimen.

Is an eyelash tint safe? Yes, it is, but with the right products and the right provider. The best way to get your lashes tinted is to consult with a beauty professional who has the ample knowledge, training, and tools to perform it safely at a relatively affordable price.

With a little upkeep, you can achieve that doe-eyed, Audrey Hepburn-ish look every day with your always fresh and always on-point tinted lashes.

Get in touch with our expert beauty therapists to know more about our lash tinting services today.

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