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Janesce Zinc Repair
Janesce Zinc Repair

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It is a powerful antioxidant & helps protect against free radical damage, assist in sensory function, sexual function best of all skin health! collagen production, wound healing & it makes it important for dry & allergic skin conditions. It is very beneficial in the treatment of acne.
This is due to it's role in the regulating oil glands & because of it's anti-inflammatory actions on the skin. If you think of teenage boys needing lots of zinc for growth & sexual development with acne zinc it perfect.
In regard to skin health zinc plays a major role. 22% of the total Zinc the body contains is found in the skin, mainly as a constituent of enzymes. Seventy enzymes in the skin rely on Zinc & this means that a deficiency can have a huge impact on the normal functioning of the skin.
Zinc is the keratinizing mineral that builds the integrity of the skin starting at the Stratum Granulosum. Because of it's role in the synthesis of DNA & RNA it is also essential for the production of new skin cells.  This means that if the skin lacks zinc it can become very fragile.
Zinc is also necessary for the health of collagen tissue & the maintenance of a high level of elasticity in the skin. Zinc is vital for the production of collagen. Even a slight deficiency can impede the formation of this important skin fibre resulting in wrinkles are a tendency to develop stretch marks. 
Zinc is crucial for proper wound healing & has been shown that zinc levels are 15-20% higher in margins of wounds than intact skin. 
This mineral is also useful in the treatment of acne, regulating the activity of the sebaceous gland. It works well with Vitamin A to clear pustules.
Zinc is involved in many hormone & enzyme reactions in the body such as food digestion, tissue respiration & normal gland functions, it is needed for growth & healing & is used to redress the side effects of some drugs, it also promotes the action of Vitamin A & B complex in our bodies & works indirectly as an antioxidant preventing damage to the cells by free radicals. 

How to use: 

maximum dose is one tablet before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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