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Koru Vitamin C2 Fx
Koru Vitamin C2 Fx

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A natural Vitamin C formula that uses scientifically proven ingredients to support immune function, gut health, energy, cognitive function and healthy aging.

Vitamin C2 Fx uses Ascorbic Acid buffered with Sodium Ascorbate to achieve a gentler absorption that’s sensitive on the stomach with a pH of about 5, thus reducing acidity but still achieving the high antioxidant effect and health benefits of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C2 Fx is encapsulated in a VegeCap so you get a pure, filler, sweetener free form of Vitamin C that’s released with control.

Vitamin C2 Fx is formulated and manufactured in our MPI certified facility in Christchurch, New Zealand to ensure it’s purity and effectiveness.

How to use: Take 2 capsules with morning meal and a large glass of fresh water, or break open the capsules and add to 300ml fresh water for a refreshing citrus drink.

Size: 60 X 500mg Capsules

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