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O Power Couple - The Good Oil - YAOB + EFA Kits & Travel Packs
O Power Couple - The Good Oil - YAOB + EFA

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Bring together O’s EFAs Max Complex with the ever popular Youth Activating Oil-Balm (now in a NEW 30g size!) and you have a dual approach.

Boost skin from the inside whilst treating the outside, resulting in serious skin transformations, skin health and ultimately skin youth.

Topical Treatment with YAOB:

  • Protect skin barrier
  • Prevent TEWL and increases hydration
  • Balance the acid mantle
  • Super active ingredient L22 normalises skin’s lipid constitution to that of a 22-year-old
  • Lakesis promotes Klotho production to support collagen synthesis

Internal Booster with O EFA’s Max Complex:

  • Normalise skin lipids and their quality
  • Support barrier function and prevent dehydration
  • Assist in oxygen transfer
  • Assist in the formation of ceramides
  • Build immune system
  • Support general wellbeing, healthy heart, brain, and bones, healthy hair and nails

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