Christchurch Economy: How The City Helps New Zealand’s Growth

Christchurch Economy

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Christchurch economy plays a critical role in the growth of New Zealand’s South Island and the country as a whole. It is the primary hub of the Canterbury region, with its growth and revenue dependent on a mix of industries, including tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and many more.


As expected with a beautiful country like New Zealand, tourism persists to be one of the major industries in Christchurch. The city is popular among tourists for its various attractions, including the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, Canterbury Museum, and the historic tramway. It also serves as a gateway to the other destinations in the South Island, such as the Southern Alps, Canterbury ski fields, and the wildlife of Banks Peninsula.

Apart from the usual sightseeing, the city is also famed for its commercial and retail scene, offering fun city activities like shopping, entertainment, dining and drinks, health, beauty and wellness. 

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Christchurch Economy Tourism Industry


As early as the European Settlement era in New Zealand, the Canterbury Plains surrounding Christchurch was known for its fertile agricultural land. Today, the region produces a significant proportion of New Zealand’s dairy products, meats, and crops. This, in turn, supports various food processing industries in the city, such as dairy factories and breweries.


Christchurch has a diverse manufacturing sector that produces a range of goods from food products to heavy machinery. The city has particular strengths in sectors such as machinery and equipment manufacturing, metal production, and electronics.


Christchurch is also home to a burgeoning technology sector. The city has a high concentration of tech firms specializing in areas like software development, electronics, telecommunications, and health technology. It is often dubbed the ‘Silicon Plains‘ due to its thriving tech industry.

Christchurch Economy Technology Industry


The service sector plays a significant role in the Christchurch economy. It includes a wide range of businesses, from retail and hospitality to professional services like finance, real estate, and education. The city’s service sector has been growing, in part due to the increase in tourism and the ongoing rebuilding efforts following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.


In the wake of the recent Christchurch earthquakes and the consequent reconstruction efforts, the city has seen a boom in the construction industry and related businesses. 

Christchurch Economy Construction Industry