Christchurch Transport: Best Ways to Get In, Out, and Around the City

Christchurch Transport

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As one of the largest and most prominent cities in New Zealand, it’s only natural to expect the Christchurch transport system to be just as sophisticated. And true enough, the city continues to build a comprehensive system that includes roads, public transit, cycling infrastructure, and air travel facilities, offering a range of options for residents and visitors alike.

Just recently, the city centre welcomed a newly built bus station, which will serve as a centralised hub for the public transport network. Luckily for our customers at Lovoir, this new station is right next to our day spa branch at Christchurch Central, making it easier to drop by anytime you need some pampering! 

If you’re planning a trip to Christchurch, here’s everything you need to know about getting in, out, and around the city.

Road Network

Christchurch is well-connected by an extensive road network, including state highways that link the city with other parts of the South Island. The city’s layout is mostly grid-like, especially within ‘The Four Avenues’ surrounding the city centre, making it relatively easy to navigate. 

Alongside the interconnected roads within the city centre, the Northern Motorway and the Southern Motorway provide quick access to the north and south of the city.

Public Transit

Public transportation in Christchurch primarily consists of a bus service managed by Environment Canterbury under the brand name Metro. The bus network services the city and its surrounding areas, including satellite towns. 

Apart from city routes, there is also a long-distance bus terminal for travel to other cities in New Zealand.

Christchurch Public Transit


While there is no commuter rail system in Christchurch, there is a tourist-oriented tram system in the city centre that covers key attractions. 

Additionally, the city is served by the TranzAlpine and Coastal Pacific long-distance passenger trains, which provide scenic journeys across the South Island.

Christchurch Long-Distance Trains


Christchurch is known as a cycling city. There are extensive cycling paths and the relatively flat terrain of the city makes it suitable for biking. Post-earthquake, the city has further invested in cycling infrastructure, creating a network of major cycle routes throughout the city.

Christchurch Cycling City

Sea Travel

While Christchurch itself doesn’t have a sea port, the nearby town of Lyttelton serves as the city’s seaport and handles a significant volume of goods traffic.

Air Travel

Christchurch International Airport is the main air gateway for Christchurch and the Canterbury region. It is the second busiest airport in New Zealand and provides domestic flights to various cities in the country and international flights to Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Christchurch International Airport