Wigram, Christchurch: A Must-See for Aviation and Learning

Wigram Christchurch NZ

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Explore Wigram, and discover a suburb full of life, learning, and leisure!

Located in the southwestern part of Christchurch, New Zealand, it is home to residential houses, commercial establishments, tourist attractions, and interesting historical milestones for New Zealand aviation.

Just a short drive away from our Lovoir Day Spa, this quiet yet vibrant neighbourhood combines residential, commercial, and industrial charm. A place where history meets modernity, it is an exciting and vibrant suburb of Christchurch with much to offer.


Located to the southwest of Christchurch’s city centre, Wigram is bounded by Hayton Road to the north, the Heathcote River to the south, and Main South Road to the west. 

The area offers a mix of flat landscapes with residential and commercial developments, coupled with several recreational parks and lush green spaces. The Heathcote River adds a touch of nature to the suburb, giving it a tranquil environment amidst its urban setting.

Nga Puna Wai Park Christchurch


Wigram’s population is reflective of a growing and diverse community. As of June 2022, the suburb had a population of 11,140, a significant increase from the 2018 New Zealand census. Wigram’s demographic profile includes a blend of ethnicities, age groups, and economic backgrounds. The growth in population attests to Wigram’s attractiveness as a place to live, work, and play.


While Wigram is now primarily known as a residential area in Christchurch, it has a reputation as a key contributor to New Zealand’s aviation history, which continues to be seen in the suburb’s culture today.

It was named after Sir Henry Wigram, a former mayor of Christchurch and key figure in the establishment of an aviation school in the area. In 1928, Wigram experienced the landing of the first trans-Tasman flight, greeted by 30,000 people, which was a quarter of Christchurch’s population. It continued to be a location for RNZAF Wigram, one of the major bases of the Royal New Zealand Air Force until it was closed in 2009.

Today, locals and tourists can visit several sites commemorating Wigram’s influence in the country’s aviation – Heritage Reserve, Wigram Skies, and The Air Force Museum of New Zealand. These are alongside other attractions like recreational parks, sports venues, a shopping complex, and more.


Wigram is home to the Wigram Primary School – Te Piki Kahu, which caters to years 1 to 6. While the suburb is not known to offer a variety of schools, its proximity to nearby suburbs still allows families living in the area to still have access to good quality education.

Air Force Museum of New Zealand


Wigram has its own unique attractions that draw visitors. The Air Force Museum of New Zealand is a standout feature, offering an intriguing look at the nation’s military aviation history with a vast collection of aircraft, artefacts, and interactive exhibits.

Wigram is also known for its nature and recreational parks, such as:

  • Nga Puna Wai and Canterbury Agricultural Park are two large recreational parks in the suburb. Here, people can enjoy vast park lands, nature trails, and sports and recreational venues.
  • Te Kahu Park, which includes a children’s playground and three sports pitches. It also serves as the home ground for the Halswell Wigram Rugby Club.
  • Bendrose Reserve
  • Harvard Park
  • Kahuku Park
  • Mackinder Park
  • Marama Park
  • Motorway Park Playground
  • Parera Park
  • Raukara Park
  • Tautoru Park
  • West Broken Run Reserve
The Landing in Wigram Christchurch

For retail shopping, The Landing is the suburb’s hotspot. Perfectly situated at the heart of Wigram Skies, it offers a plethora of entertaining activities, including shops, restaurants, a supermarket, and a cinema complex with eight cinema screens. 

The Wigram Business Park is another key feature of the suburb, one that is not found in most suburbs. It is meant to attract Christchurch businesses with modern, state-of-the-art spaces to conduct work and other operations.