Mairehau, Christchurch: A Must-See for Lush Greenery, Nature Trails, and Quality Education

Mairehau Christchurch NZ

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To the north of the Christchurch city centre lies Mairehau, a quaint suburb filled with lush green spaces, quiet residential homes, and a tight-knit community of 6,000 residents.

A cherished part of the city’s culture and community, it holds a special place in our hearts at Lovoir Day Spa. As such, we’ve created a guide on everything you need to know about this quaint, lush suburb. If you ever find yourself in this area, we hope you enjoy a day of nature trails and local coffee shops! 


Located to the northeast of Christchurch Central, Mairehau is bordered by Edgeware to its south, Shirley to the east, St Albans to the southwest, and Marshland to the north. 

The area is rich in natural beauty – sprawling with several green spaces like Christchurch Park, Westminster Park and MacFarlane Park, and walking trails and waterways like Buller Stream Walkway. 

Like much of Christchurch, the suburb is also graced with views of the Port Hills at a far distance, providing a picturesque backdrop that’s perfect for those Instagram-worthy shots.

MacFarlane Park in Mairehau Christchurch NZ


As expected from the diverse city of Christchurch, Mairehau boasts the same harmonious blend of cultures, religions, age groups, and lifestyles. 

According to the June 2022 census data, Mairehau had a population of 6,860 residents. Here are some other interesting facts about the community:

  • Mairehau has a balanced gender ratio similar to Christchurch city as a whole.

  • Mairehau is ethnically diverse, with a mix of 84.7% European/Pākehā, 10.3% Māori, 8.4% Asians, 4% Pacific peoples, and 2.9% belonging to other ethnic groups.

  • Similarly, Mairehau residents have a wide range of religious beliefs, including Christianity, Hinduism, Muslim, and Buddhism among others.

  • The Mairehau community is composed of a vibrant fusion of families, professionals, students, the elderly and retirees. Broken down further, 43.3% of the population are between 30 to 64, 19.7% are 15 to 29, 19.4% are below 15, and 17.6% are 65 and older. 

This suggests a youthful and active community, which is also reflected in the area’s many parks, schools, and commercial hubs. 

  • Mairehau has a high employment rate, wherein only 3.4% of working residents are unemployed. 50.2% are employed full time, while 13.3% are part-time. Moreover, the median income of residents is close to $35,000, which is higher than the national average of $31,800, showcasing a competent and career-driven community.


Mairehau is a suburb where community and culture are intertwined.

Mairehau Library in Christchurch NZ

An important hub in the area is The Whanau Centre, which serves as the homebase for the Neighbourhood Trust. It is a place where residents can meet, seek support, participate in activities and programs, and more.

Mairehau is also home to almost everything residents would for convenience, comfort, and lifestyle. These include local markets, cafes and eateries, fitness centres, a retirement home, parks and playgrounds, schools and churches. 

Other notable establishments that foster community building and social gatherings include:

  • Mairehau Library: A hub for community events, learning, and educational resources.

Mairehau Food Market in Christchurch NZ

While there are no hospitals or pharmacies in the suburb, residents have easy access to nearby neighbourhoods like Bargain Chemist in Shirley or Bastins Pharmacy in St Albans. 

The same goes for shopping malls. While the suburb does not have any big shopping malls, residents can still enjoy retail shops and commercial establishments in random streets through Mairehau. 

Moreover, the suburb is close to popular malls like The Palms Shopping Centre in Shirley and Merivale Mall in Merivale. 


When it comes to education, Mairehau doesn’t disappoint. The suburb offers several schools for residents, ranging from primary schools to high schools. 

Mairehau Primary School is a primary school for years 1 to 8. 

Mairehau High School in Christchurch NZ

Another primary school in the area is St Francis of Assisi Catholic School, a state-integrated school for years 1 to 8. Officially opening in 2016, it was a merger between two schools – Our Lady of Fatima School and St Paul’s School.

For older students, there’s the Mairehau High School, a secondary school catering to years 9 to 13.

All these schools have excellent reputations for quality education, offering a range of extracurricular activities, from sports to arts and ensuring a well-rounded learning for the youth.


As for tourism, Mairehau is not exactly known for having popular landmarks or historical attractions. However, it does offer a great experience for those who love nature and a calm suburban ambiance. 

Locals and visitors can enjoy nature walks along its many parks – Christchurch Park, Westminster Park, MacFarlane Park, and Walter Park.

Buller's Stream Walkway in Mairehau Christchurch NZ

A must-see trail in the area is the Buller Stream Walkway, a wetland featuring native plants and trees and promoting biodiversity. It offers a fun scenic adventure, which you can experience through a leisurely stroll or cycling with friends.

Apart from a nature trip, Mairehau also offers local establishments around the area, like cafes, restaurants, retail shops, fitness centres, beauty clinics, and the like.