Microblading Aftercare

▹ It is important to not get the brows wet during the healing process for a minimum of 5 days. It is best to clean around the eyebrows with a face cloth or face wipe.

▹ Use the aftercare cream for 7 days, or until it runs out. Apply a very thin layer 2-3 times a day. Apply the aftercare cream with freshly washed hands or a Q-tip. Never touch the brow area without washing your hands immediately before.

▹ Excessive sweating within the 5 days following the procedure will result in poor colour retention. A light workout is OK but please insure a thin layer of aftercare cream is applied so the pigment is not expelled.

▹ Do not scrub, rub or pick at the dry skin flakes that might occur. If they are removed before it is ready the pigment underneath can be pulled out. Do not use any makeup on the brows for at least 14 days.

▹ After the procedure is completely healed, you may go back to your regular cleansing and makeup routine. Avoid scrubbing the area. Use sun block after the procedure area is healed to protect from sun fading. Avoid any products on the brows that are designed to lighten pigmentation. Retin A, Renova, Alpha Hydroxy and Glycolic Acids must not be used on the treated areas. They will alter the color.

▹ Caution: If the skin around the eyebrows breaks out in a heat rash or small pimples, this is usually a reaction to the numbing solution and should go away by itself in a couple of weeks, don't pick. Please call me immediately if this occurs so a technician can make note of the reaction and follow up to ensure this is not a more serious situation.

▹ Cleaning the brows with damp cotton pads is necessary to remove any weeping to prevent scabs. Cleaning is only really necessary for the first 4 hours but can be done for up to 12 hours if your brows continue to weep. (Every 30 minutes initially). Use a gentle back and forth motion.

▹ A very thin layer of aftercare cream can be applied 2-3 times a day for 7 days or until it runs out. This stops the brows from getting dry.

It is important that this is done sparingly so the brows can still breathe/heal. Please avoid wetting the brows when cleansing your face and if you do wet them then pat them dry immediately (5 days).

Please do not scratch or pick the brows as they heal. The healing process for powder brows is different for everyone , some people experience scabs but some people do not. Full healing will take 28 days.

▹ Your brows will most likely feel overwhelming tomorrow and the next couple of days but will soften nicely.

▹ Day 2-5 the skin will be closing and healing.

▹ Sometime from day 5-14 you will notice your brows will slightly shed (think slightly flakey). When the brows first start to shed they can appear quite faint underneath- this is normal. Once fully healed the colour will reappear.

▹ After 4 weeks you will see your healed result. If you have any questions, please ask.