Is Eyebrow Tinting Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Eyebrow Tinting Safe During Pregnancy?

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If you’ve recently gotten the good news that you’re expecting a baby, or at the very least thinking of starting a family soon, then first of all: Congratulations, it’s definitely an exciting time in your life! You will soon have to make big (and mostly positive!) changes, not just with your home, diet, and lifestyle, but with your beauty routine as well. You may be wondering how pregnancy will affect your upcoming beauty treatments or change the schedule of your regular salon appointments.

To help you out, we’re wrapped up this list of beauty must-knows during pregnancy, starting with one of our customer favorites: Eyebrow tinting. Is it safe? What are the risks you should consider? We’ll discuss all that and more in this article – plus other beauty treatments that you’re a-okay to get while waiting for d-day!

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

If you’ve missed our article by henna brow tinting, allow us to start with a quick recap of what to expect from this beauty treatment!

  • Eyebrow tinting involves a semi-permanent dye mixture to colour and enhance the overall look of your brows.
  • Depending on the results you want to achieve, the tinting process makes use of regular dyes or henna dyes, the latter being a natural alternative. Henna brow tinting gives off a darker, fuller, and more defined brow look, while regular tinting has a softer, more subtle and natural finish.
  • Coming from the procedure, you will notice the colour stain on your skin for 1 to 2 weeks, after which the actual dye on your brow hairs can last for up to 6 weeks. Since it is a semi-permanent dye, the colour will naturally fade as you go through the process of daily facial washing, makeup removal, and natural exfoliation.
  • Eyebrow tinting is a generally safe procedure that one can get regularly to maintain the look of clean, shaped, well-groomed eyebrows. Plus, it helps cut down time spent on eyebrow makeup as you prep for the day ahead.

All that said, let’s address what all of you are really wondering – when it comes to pregnancy, do these same rules still apply?

Eyebrow Tinting During Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Tint Eyebrows During Pregnancy?

Yes! The good news is, eyebrow tinting is one the treatments known to be safe for pregnant women. Although regular dyes may contain chemicals, it has been established that only a small amount is actually absorbed by the skin, not enough to cause harm to you and your baby.

The only thing to ultimately consider is how pregnancy may affect your hair as natural hormonal changes occur in your body. For instance, your hair may react differently to perming or colouring treatments. For eyebrow tinting, in particular, it may not absorb the colour the same way it usually would. In such cases, our best advice is to manage your expectations when it comes to the results. At the very least, you’ll still have that peace of mind knowing that the treatment does not affect your baby’s health.

Now, in the topic of safety, here are a few tips to keep in mind before booking your eyebrow tinting appointment.

Safety Tips For Eyebrow Tinting During Pregnancy

Consult your brow therapist or beauty technician.

As with all things beauty-related, it is always best to get an expert’s advice before proceeding with any treatment – at least that’s how we do it at Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty! We’re all about keeping you safe and satisfied with the results, which is why we train our beauty therapists to get to know our customers first. By booking a consultation with us, we can thoroughly discuss your health conditions, any allergies you may have, your desired results, and any questions you may have. That way, we can guarantee the best and safest course of action for you.

As an added measure, you can also let your doctor or healthcare professional know about your desire to get this treatment. After all, two experts are always better than one!

Safety Tips for Eyebrow Tinting

Do a patch test beforehand.

Additionally, we offer our customers the option to get a patch test before their eyebrow tinting treatment. This will help us anticipate any reactions you may have to our dye formula, and just accordingly with your safety in mind.

Plan your treatment around your due date.

This piece of advice is based on our knowledge of how pregnancy can be a stressful time, especially the months leading up to your due date. You’ll be focused on preparing your hospital bag, baby room, and all the other changes to be made around your house. We get it, welcoming your baby to a clean and cozy home is top priority! With that in mind, we’ll gladly help you find the best time to get your brow tinting session in.

If your schedule permits, you can get it one to two weeks before your due date, just so your brows are in tip-top shape right n time for your baby’s arrival. Those early weeks after birth will get pretty busy, and grooming your brows should be the least of your worries. Plus, some women experience either fuller or thinner eyebrows due to hormonal changes in their last few weeks of pregnancy. Either way, this could be the perfect time to get your brows done.

Other Treatments That Are Safe During Pregnancy

First off, we must stress that there are general guidelines for treatments that are clear no-no’s during pregnancy. As an accepted rule of thumb, you should avoid the following:

  • Treatments involving harsh chemicals that touch your skin, as it might be absorbed into your bloodstream or cause allergic reactions
  • Treatments that can raise your body temperature substantially like wraps and hot stone massages
  • Injectables, like fillers and Botox
  • Sun beds, cool sculpting, electrical treatments like galvanic and infusion facials or any procedure that’s too stimulating

On that note, not all procedures that technically make use of chemicals affect your pregnancy in a harmful way, especially those that do not directly affect your skin or bloodstream. If you’re in doubt, here are some that you can safely get without worries. Just make sure to follow our tips and consult our beauty therapists first!

Lash Tinting During Pregnancy

Lash tinting

Similar to eyebrow tinting, lash tints give off the appearance of darker, fuller hair – except this time on your eyelashes. While it does involve dyes as well, they are only applied on your hair strands, and do not seep through your skin or eyes, making it a safe and normal treatment to get, even during pregnancy. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read our ultimate guide on eyelash tinting here.

Eyelash Extensions During Pregnancy

Eyelash extensions

Getting eyelash extensions is another procedure that is generally safe for everyone, including pregnant women. The only concern you should have, whether pregnant or not, is going to the right professional salon. Eyes are the most sensitive part of our bodies, and you should find someone who is trained to apply the lash glue and lash strands without harming you in the process.

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Hair Colouring During Pregnancy

Hair colouring

Truthfully, most salons would advise against getting your hair coloured during pregnancy, which is totally understandable given the amount of chemicals in hair dyes. However, as we mentioned, research shows that the skin absorbs only small amounts of colour, leaving little for risks during pregnancy. So technically, they should be safe to use. But if you are hesitant to use regular hair dyes, we have a few suggestions to help you get your hair colour done while still playing it safe!

  • Get highlights instead. They touch only the strands of your hair and do not come into contact with your scalp or cause any skin irritation.
  • Similarly, another great alternative is to use henna dyes, which are made of natural compounds.
  • If you still prefer to go for a regular hair dye, at least wait until the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The risk of chemicals harming your baby (although again, minimal to zero!) is much lower during the later months, so it’s worth waiting if you can.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, get it done by a professional! We know the best practices in hair colouring, more so for customers who are pregnant.

Finding The Right Salon For Eyebrow Tinting

To wrap up this article, here are a few words of encouragement for all you expectant mothers: There is absolutely no reason to give up on self-care and grooming even with a baby on the way! In fact, you should enjoy these last luxuries of me-time and relaxation before you focus on your growing family. A trip to the salon is one of the best ways to treat yourself! And with that, our biggest advice would be to find the right professionals who have your safety AND your baby in mind – all while giving you the pampering that you deserve.

If you’re looking to get your brows tinted, or better yet, have a full day of beauty treatments, pay us a visit at Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty! Our beauty therapists will be sure to consider your health conditions before recommending the best (and safest!) beauty treatments for you. Book a consultation with us, and let’s take it from there. Whether it’s eyebrow tinting, waxing, facials, or even a prenatal massage, we’ve got you covered. See you at the salon!