How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last? Things To Know Before Taking The Big Leap

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how long will eyelash extensions last

Anyone who has tried eyelash extensions knows that they can be life changing, and we’re not just talking about the length of your lashes. Even without mascara, you’ll feel like a whole new person with hours more time in your day to do what really matters: living.

The only problem is that they come with an expiration date. Like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end — and eyelash extensions are no exception, regardless of how amazing it feels for your lashes to be just as long and thick as you want them.

For this reason, it’s important to understand just how long these lash extensions will last once applied because, if not maintained properly or replaced in a timely manner, there could be some potentially detrimental effects.

What are eyelash extensions made of?

Instead of sticking to your natural lashes, why not try something a little more daring? Extensions are typically made from mink fur or synthetic materials, which are longer-lasting and cruelty free. 

Mink fur is velvety soft, with a long and delicate taper. Fur lashes are the most natural-looking extensions out there, and they’re often made of real mink hair with just enough synthetic material to keep them from being too heavy or cumbersome when applied. This type of lash comes in various lengths, so you can find one that suits your eye shape best. Most lash technicians prefer the cruelty free synthetic version!

How are lash extensions applied?

The process begins by positioning the extension 1-2mm apart on your natural lash line before applying adhesive (a semi permanent glue) to secure it in place without touching your eyelids. You might ask: would you need to have a patch test before the procedure? It’s not required, but a good lash technician would tell you that it’s recommended. Have a patch test at least 24 hours before your appointment to make sure you won’t have an allergic reaction. When in doubt, talk to your lash specialist for advice.

how long do eyelash extensions last

Why would I need to have this beauty treatment?

Having extensions on your natural eyelashes are the best way to instantly make your eyes pop! They’ll look bigger, brighter, and more youthful. Plus, you can always count on compliments pouring in when people see them — which will boost your confidence even further!

When it comes to chasing after your dreams, there’s no time for lazy. With lash extensions, you need not worry about spending too much time on makeup and taking off eye make-up when the day is done. You also no longer need to spend on makeup removers. 

Because your new eyelashes will frame and highlight one of your most important features: your eyes, you will have more spare time in the morning. This means sleeping an extra 10 minutes longer.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Ever wonder what would happen if you waited too long to remove your mascara? Well, worry no more because these extensions are attached individually, so they will naturally fall out when your real lash sheds. The normal lash cycle can be as short as two weeks and as long as eight weeks.

It’s easy to maintain a perfect eye makeup look with extensions, but since each one is individually attached, they often fall out. Consequently, when you shed or break off your real lashes, so do any extensions you may have worn.

Do eyelash extensions ruin natural lashes?

If you have been looking for a way to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller, then lash extensions might be the answer. Eyelash extensions do not ruin natural lashes but can even enhance them. But if applied incorrectly, they can damage natural lashes — and this is why it’s important to go to a good lash specialist. 

A qualified technician will assess your lashes first before picking out which type of extension is best suited for you, so that it does not become heavy on finer hair or damage delicate hairs in any way.

how long do eyelash extensions last

Who should not get lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions can give you that Disney princess look with long, thick lashes. The procedure may not be recommended for you if your eye is unhealthy or if you are allergic to latex and adhesive. If you have an eye condition, consult with your ophthalmologist about your plan to get lash extensions first before making any decisions.

Eyelash extensions offer many options depending on what style is desired — from natural looking to dramatic volume styles, like cat eyes or lusciously curled ones. You will definitely find something that will suit you. If you’re interested in having an eyelash extension procedure done, come in for a consultation first to be safe.

how long do eyelash extensions last

Finding the Right Lash Technician

To make the most of your natural lashes, you need to pick a length that complements them. Your lash technician will assess the right style, volume, and length that best works with your natural lashes. 

If you have long and thick lashes already, your technician might go for extensions on the longer end of the spectrum with fullness in mind. But if your own lash is sparse or shorter than desired, then your technician might suggest an extension at a more conservative level depending on how much thickness or volume would be needed. 

All these will be discussed during your consultation. 

Our experienced lash technicians at Lovoir Skin Body and Beauty can recommend the right type of lash extension that will suit you best. Book a consultation to know more about our eyelash extensions today.

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