Laser Vs. Electrolysis: What is Better for Hair Removal?

Laser Vs. Electrolysis: What is Better for Hair Removal?

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When it comes to permanent hair removal, Laser and Electrolysis are two treatments that come up the most.

While they are both effective at destroying hair from the root (thus, their ability to stop hair growth!), there’s actually alot more that sets them apart. How they work, how many sessions you need, their pain levels, and the list goes on.

Either way, if bidding bye-bye to pesky hair forever is your goal, you can’t go wrong with either of these treatments! The question is, which one best suits your preferences?

Luckily for you, we answer all that and more in this article! Laser vs Electrolysis? We settle the debate once and for all!

And if your luck couldn’t get even better – we offer both Laser Hair Removal and Electroysis here at Lovoir Beauty! 

We’ll get to that part later. First, hair removal!

Laser Hair Removal

In the world of beauty treatments, Laser Hair Removal has remained the most mainstream choice for permanent hair removal. 

Flashback to the year 1964 – we were introduced to the YAG laser, the first-ever, FDA-approved device for hair removal. It was able to reduce hair growth significantly, although not yet permanently. 

Since then, Laser technology has come a long way! We saw the rise of more advanced hair removal systems like Ruby, Alexandrite, IPL, Nd:YAG, and Diode, which is what we use at Lovoir Beauty. All varying in their capabilities but all effective for permanent hair removal.

We hope you appreciated that little history lesson. Now, on the important stuff!

How does laser hair removal work? 

We’ll try to keep this simple:

Laser Hair Removal uses a single spectrum of light that penetrates the skin to target hair follicles through their colour or pigment. Once the light is absorbed by follicle, it is then converted to heat, which then destroys it from the root. 

With constant repetition through multiple sessions, the follicle is basically non-functioning, unable to grow new hair and, thus, leaving you with flawless, hair-free skin!

Depending on the area of hair you want removed, a session can take between 15 to 30 minutes, with every succeeding session taking less time and ending in lighter, thinner hair. And after 4 to 6 sessions, your hairless skin is good to go!

Pros: What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

  • Minimal pain and discomfort. Unlike other treatments that remove hair from the root (like waxing or threading), Laser Hair Removal is far less painful. At the most, you’ll feel a slight tingling sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Other than that, there’s no pain or irritation!
  • No downtime. One of our personal favorites about Laser Hair Removal: You can carry on with your normal day after each session.
  • Quick and minimal sessions. While Laser Hair Removal does offer an instant, one-time-big-time approach to hair removal, results come after 4-6 sessions, which is the fastest route compared to alternatives like IPL or Electrolysis.

Cons: Any laser hair removal side effects or drawbacks?

  • Laser Hair Removal is not suitable for people with extremely light hair. Because it targets hair follicles through their color or pigment, Laser devices aren’t able to spot hair with little-to-zero pigment like grey or blonde hair. 
  • Some people may experience temporary side effects with Laser Hair Removal. While Laser is generally safe and painless, there may be a chance of temporary sensations right after, like:
    • Brief sensitivity in the area
    • Temporary redness and swelling in the area
    • Burns, blisters and scars – although this is rare and only happens if it’s not done by a trained professional!

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Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis may be a new name to many of you reading this article. Compared to Laser Hair Removal, it is far less popular and not as widely available in skin clinics, day spas, or salons. But interestingly enough it was actually invented way before Laser! 

The first recorded successful Electrolysis procedure was recorded in 1875 by an ophthalmologist Dr. Charles E. Michel, who used it to remove ingrown eyelashes. But it wasn’t until the 1900s that the first commercial machines were developed, although not without its fair share of controversies and bans in certain countries. 

Fast forward to today, many technological advancements and improvements later, Electrolysis is slowly growing in popularity. In fact, it is the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal method in the US – although, of course, Laser advocates would beg to differ!

Whatever the case, Electrolysis deserves some recognition as another great option for permanent hair removal. As they say, the more, the merrier! 

How does electrolysis work? 

Electrolysis involves very complex technology, which is why it is so effective! But also why it is pretty hard to explain, but we’ll do our best!

A very targeted approach to hair removal, Electrolysis uses a thin needle-like probe to conduct an electrical current into each individual hair follicle, thereby damaging it until it no longer functions, a.k.a, no longer produces hair! And that leads us to the second question: 

Is electrolysis the same as laser hair removal?

No, Electrolysis is NOT the same as Laser. 

  1. Unlike Laser, the hair removal process of Electrolysis is completely unrelated to the hair’s pigment or color. Instead, it harnesses electrical energy to destory hair follicles at its core, regardless of its color, length, thickness, or whatnot. 
  2. Completing an Electrolysis treatment plan is more time-consuming than Laser. Each session is longer, and many more sessions are needed to achieve best results. Depending on the area and the person’s natural hair growth cycle, some people may need to get as many as 30 sessions!
  3. Electrolysis is also more costly than Laser. In fact, it is known to be the most expensive hair removal treatment. A session is typically charged by the minute, which means higher cost for larger areas. Plus, with more sessions needed, a full treatment plan is signficantly higher in value.

Needless to say, the unique technology of Electrolysis comes with its own share of benefits and limitations. And based on your preference, it can either be a perfect fit or a mismatch for you. Here are some things for you to consider!

Pros: What are the benefits of electrolysis?

  • Electrolysis is safe for all hair colors. Because its technology does not rely on pigment, it works on all types of skin and hair. 
  • Electrolysis is perfect for small, delicate areas. Given its targeted approach, it is capable of removing hair in areas that require more precision, focus, and delicate shaping. This includes the eyebrow or eye area, hairlines and sideburns. 

Cons: Any electrolysis side effects or drawbacks?

  • It will take time to get the best possible results. While electrolysis is considered a permanent hair reduction method, this is only after a number of treatments. In fact, if you are dark-skinned and/or have thick, dark hair, you could have to go up to 30 times, which can be both costly and time-consuming.
  • It is costly and time-consuming. Each session itself can also take a long time, especially if a large area is being treated. Because of this, it can also be quite expensive.
  • It is common to experience pain or discomfort during treatment. Moreover, some people may experience the ff. side effects, although temporary and not life-threatening:
    • Skin inflammation
    • Swelling
    • Dryness
    • Temporary acne

The Best Permanent Hair Removal: Laser or Electrolysis?

All that said, if you’re here to see us crown one of the two as the best for permanent hair removal, we’re sorry to disappoint you! The truth is, it would be a mistake to say one is better than the other, especially because they’re both safe, effective treatments that we swear by!

That said, what we can leave you with is this: What is the RIGHT permanent hair removal for YOU? 

Depending on your goals and preferences, here’s what we would recommend!

How To Choose The Best Permanent Hair Removal For You


  • For long-term hair removal: Both Laser and Electrolysis

Skin type

  • For sensitive skin: Laser

Hair type

  • For extremely light hair: Electrolysis

Side effects

  • For minimal pain and sensitivities: Laser

Part of the body

  • For facial hair removal: Both Laser and Electrolysis
  • For hair removal in the eyebrow / eye area: Electrolysis 
  • For the rest of the body: Both Laser and Electrolysis


  • For lower cost per session: Laser
  • For a lower lifetime cost: Laser

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