Laser Hair Reduction Aftercare

Thank you for choosing us to perform your Laser Hair Reduction treatment.
Below, you'll find information for looking after your skin over the next couple of weeks.

▹You have just had an intensive skin treatment, it's very important to ensure that you stay out of direct sunlight for a minimum of 48 hours as your skin begins its healing process.

▹Your skin may be warm and slightly inflamed for at least 24 hours - this is entirely normal. Avoid heat, UV exposure, exercise and rubbing of the skin during this time.

▹Your therapist will have recommended aftercare products to you. These products help to reduce any discomfort or skin sensitivity. You can also apply cool compresses to reduce any discomfort if necessary.

▹Continue washing and moisturising as normal. Do not exfoliate for a minimum of 2 days.

▹Application and reapplication of sunscreen for a minimum of 1 week must be observed.

▹For best results, it is always recommended to have a course of treatments. Hair Reduction often takes a minimum of 6-8 treatments but can sometimes be more!

If you have any urgent questions please call us on 03 358 8410