Do Collagen Supplements Really Work?

Should I Take Collagen Supplements?

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Let’s talk collagen!

It’s a real “buzz word” at the moment with so many different companies selling different varieties. It’s hard to know where to start.

Skin Benefits: Why Do We Need Collagen?

It makes up over 75% of our skin! When we are born, collagen is in abundance. (That’s why babies have the cutest chubby cheeks!) however we all are effected by intrinsic aging which starts to break it down. Intrinsic aging is another name for the natural aging process that happens over the years regardless of external influences. From the age of 20, we begin producing 1-1.5% less skin collagen on average every year, and the loss only accelerates from there. Resulting from this our skin and connective tissues start to become thinner and more fragile. There’s also a similar decline in your skin’s production of elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Without supplementation, by the age of 40 we produce, on average, 25% less collagen than we did in our youth, and then by the age of 60, our bodies can be producing as much as 50% less collagen!

Reducing wrinkle formation isnt the only reason to take collagen; Studies have shown that taking a quality collagen supplement can also help:

♥️Gut Health
♥️Easing Arthritis
♥️Joint mobility
♥️Aiding in increasing muscle mass (for those who regularly undertake heavy weight excerises)

Now the important part:

What is the Best Form of Collagen to Take?

This is a widely debated topic however it comes down to the type of collagen that our own bodies produce. Your body uses molecules it recognizes much more readily and efficiently than those it doesn’t.

A lot of companies are now selling collagen coffee. Sounds really convenient right? Don’t do it! Collagen falls apart when it reaches temperatures over the normal body temperature, turning it into plain old gelatin – Yes Jelly!. At these higher temperatures or when added to hot coffee, for example – collagen’s molecular structure ultimately melts, diminishing or even completely losing all of the desired health benefits.

Human skin is made up of Type 1 collagen. Most collagen powders include cheaper, less effective Type 3 Bovine (cow) collagen. While still useful, it’s just not as good.

Marine collagen however is Type 1! When sustainably sourced, it’s the best form of collagen that you can supplement with. We stock 2 varieties of collagen, both are NZ made:

Koru Nutrition Advanced Collagen

Koru Nutrition MARINE COLLAGEN+ is a is a unique combination of sustainably sourced, pure New Zealand Hydrolysed Marine Collagen and a specific NZ Kiwifruit enzyme.This proprietary combination is shown to significantly increase the uptake and bio-availability of the Marine Protein peptide by more than 270%. This promotes the foundations of beautiful skin, strong connective tissues, better digestion and sturdy bones.

Bestow Collagen Boost

Bestow Collagen Boost Powder contains sustainably sourced, pure New Zealand Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, Vitamin C, Zinc, Raspberry juice powder and Monk-fruit (for increased absorption). Everything that you need in one yummy spoonful.

Both of these collagen sources are fantastic supplemenation options and are backed up by science!

Check out our supplements or ask your therapist to recommend the right one for you during your next visit to Lovoir Day Spa. See you soon!

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