Upper Riccarton's favourite Spa for Body waxing, Brazilian, or Bikini!

Bikini and brazlian waxing

If you're looking for expert Beauty Therapists for hollywood waxing, extended bikini or brazilian waxes look no further; the highly experienced Team at Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty will take care of you!

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Lovoir Beauty Salon & Day Spa

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Lovoir Beauty Salon & Day Spa

Experience the difference with the highest rated salon in Christchurch.

Popular Waxing Services

Womens Waxing

Eyebrow Wax | $25.00

Lip or Chin wax | $25

Lower Face wax | $40

Nose wax | $25

Underarm wax| $30

Bikini wax | $35

Extended Bikini wax | $50

Brazilian wax | $70

Brazilian maintenance wax | $65*

*Maintenance maximum of 6 weeks between appointments

Half Leg wax | $45

Full Leg wax | $65

Full Arm wax | $40

Mens Waxing

Eyebrow wax| $25

Nose or Ears wax | $25

Brows, Nose & Ears wax | $45

Underarm wax | $35

Back wax | $50

Chest wax | $50

Half Leg wax | $55

Full Leg wax | $70

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Why You Should Get Professional Waxing

No Shaving Rash

No shaving rash! Waxing pulls the hairs from their roots, meaning there's nothing to irritate your skin. Avoid unsightly shaving rashes and nicks using this popular method of hair removal. It is also much more hygienic than a razor blade!


Why let shaving take up your day when you should be enjoying yourself? Waxing lasts a lot longer, making it the perfect option for a busy person. Maintenance appointments are scheduled around every 4 weeks.


Our therapists know just the right way get those pesky hairs of yours with our tried-and-true methods! Years of combined knowledge and training ensure you're in the best hands.

Meet the Christchurch Team and find out more about your Beauty Therapist!

Beauty therapy christchurch
beauty therapist christchurch

The Lovoir team is everybody's best friend when it comes to hair removal. If you're looking for a professional and friendly environment near Upper Riccarton that offers all your body waxing needs in one place-you've found it!



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About Upper Riccarton, Christchurch

Upper Riccarton can be described as a suburb of Christchurch. It is located due west of Riccarton.
Upper Riccarton contains residential, retail, and education areas. It is home to a large intersection called “Church Corner”, which is the intersection of Riccarton and Main South roads. There are also numerous schools, including St Peter’s Church and Bush Inn Shopping Centre.

Isaac Luck built the original wooden church at St Peter’s Church, which was dedicated in 1858. The second stone church was constructed between 1876-1829. Benjamin Mountfort was the architect, while Cecil Wood did most of the architectural design.

Bush Inn Centre, located in Upper Riccarton, has 60 shops including Briscoes & V Mart.

There are several schools in Upper Riccarton, as mentioned earlier. Riccarton High School was established in 1958. It is a secondary school that serves students in grades 9 through 13. Kirkwood Intermediate was established in 1959. It is an intermediate school that serves years 7 through 8. Te Kapehu Riccarton school is a primary school that caters to students in years 1 through 8. It was originally established in 1859 as Riccarton Parish School. In 1864 it became Riccarton District Schools and then Riccarton Primary School. Middleton Grange School, a state-integrated school for students in years 1 through 13, is a composite school. It was founded in 1964 as a private Christian school and became state-integrated by 1996. The Villa Maria College, a Catholic second ary school for girls in years 7 through 13, is also state-integrated. The school was established in 1918 and made state-integrated by the government in 1981.

Upper Riccarton Library, a joint library and school library, is managed by Riccarton High. The agreement was signed in 2004. It was officially opened on 23 January 2006. It features a cafe and meeting rooms, as well as many other community resources.

Upper Riccarton was home to the statistical areas of Bush Inn, Upper Riccarton and Wharenui. It had a population estimate of 7,990 in June 2021. The 2018 New Zealand census showed that ethnicities in New Zealand were 56.6% European/Pakeha; 7.5% Maori; 4.4% Pacific peoples; 35.0% Asian and 3.7% other ethnicities. (Totals may exceed 100% as people can identify with multiple ethnicities).


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_Riccarton

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