Wigram's best Salon for Brazilian or Bikini waxing & Full Body waxing!

Bikini and brazilian waxing specialists

Trust the Team at Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty for your hot wax appointments and strip waxing! We've got over 20 years of combined experience and highly skilled Therapists, specialising in body waxing including hollywood waxing, extended bikini waxes and brazilian waxing.

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Lovoir Beauty Salon & Day Spa

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Lovoir Beauty Salon & Day Spa

Experience the difference with the highest rated salon in Christchurch

Popular Waxing Services

Womens Waxing

Eyebrow Wax | $25.00

Lip or Chin wax | $25

Lower Face wax | $40

Nose wax | $25

Underarm wax| $30

Bikini wax | $35

Extended Bikini wax | $50

Brazilian wax | $70

Brazilian maintenance wax | $65*

*Maintenance maximum of 6 weeks between appointments

Half Leg wax | $45

Full Leg wax | $65

Full Arm wax | $40

Mens Waxing

Eyebrow wax| $25

Nose or Ears wax | $25

Brows, Nose & Ears wax | $45

Underarm wax | $35

Back wax | $50

Chest wax | $50

Half Leg wax | $55

Full Leg wax | $70

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Why You Should Get Professional Waxing

No Shaving Rash

Waxing is a great choice for people with sensitive skin. Instead of using blades or chemicals, it only involves pulling hair out at the root so there's no risk of unsightly rashes or nicks!


Waxing is quick! With a tiny bit of planning, you can always make it to your appointment. Waxing lasts much longer than shaving or depilatory creams so there is no need for touch-ups every couple of days.


You'll never have to worry about those pesky unwanted hairs again. Our therapists are professionals at waxing and years of experience and advice means you're guaranteed the best result!

Meet the Christchurch Team and find out more about your Beauty Therapist!

Beauty therapy christchurch
beauty therapist christchurch

Look no further for your experts to help you look and feel your best. Hundreds of women trust the Team at Lovoir as their go-to salon near Wigram for ALL their waxing and hair removal needs!



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About Wigram, Christchurch

Wigram is a suburb located in the southwest part of Christchurch, New Zealand. It is close to Sockburn’s industrial estates and Hornby’s satellite retail and residential zones. In recent years, the suburb has seen significant growth due to the conversion of Wigram Aerodrome into housing. Wigram is now one of Christchurch’s fastest-growing suburbs after the earthquake. It is located seven kilometres west of the city center.
Sir Henry Wigram, a former mayor of Christchurch who founded a flying school in the suburb in 1916, is the suburb’s name. In 1923, it was officially transferred and renamed Wigram aerodrome. The remainder of the old airfield was divided into the Wigram Skies project after it was closed down in 2009.

The development included six new roads, two new sealed rights of ways, and two new forms. These allowed access to 126 residential lots and six reserves totaling 2.8 ha. It is located at the Heathcote River’s headwaters and has been named Broken Run. Broken Run’s Western portion backs onto Broken Run, which was originally a subdivision that was separated by the Heathcote River. Sixty-one residential lots were created by the subdivision. Two allotments were made available to the Council for reserve and four additional allotments were vested as legal roads.

The Landing is located in the heart of Wigram Skies and provides convenient, modern retail and mixed-use space for Wigram Skies residents as well as greater southwest Christchurch. The first stage of The Landing was completed in mid-2015 and includes retail and office space spread over three buildings as well as a New World Supermarket. Stage Two, was completed in 2017 and includes office space, retail, and hospitality in three buildings. A new Cinema Complex, which has eight screens and can accommodate 48 people, is the latest development.

Wigram Business Park is one of the most popular spots in Christchurch. It is located adjacent to Hayton Stream, and has several reserves that separate it from Wigram Skies. It is home to a distinguished collection of occupiers. This park is highly sought-after by businesses who want to occupy modern, state-of-the-art buildings on high-quality land west of Christchurch.

Wigram also has the Archives New Zealand Repository, Wigram Primary School, and Nga Puna Wai, a large recreational park that is adjacent to each other. There are many smaller parks in the local area. The largest is Te Kahu Park, which is bound by Curtis Street and Dalwood Drive, Porter Street, and Wigram Primary School. It has a children’s playground, and three tennis courts, and is home to the Halswell Wigram Rugby Club.

Wigram was home to 8,226 people in the 2018 New Zealand census.


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wigram

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