Eyebrow Threading Benefits: A Guide to Perfect Brows

Eyebrow Threading Benefits: A Guide to Perfect Brows

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How many hours have you spent in your lifetime hunching over a mirror and plucking stubborn eyebrow hairs with a vengeance?

The long answer: At least 10 minutes a day, every 2 weeks, for what would have been 10 years at this point – based on our personal experience, at least. Eyebrow maintenance definitely deserves a spot on the list of tedious chores!

But the short (and perhaps, more important) answer: TOO much time, at least enough to realise that a life of squinting, tweezing, and shaping is not worth living. After all, that’s 2,600 minutes of your life that could’ve been spent on something more productive – or at the very least – more fun!

Now, we’re not here to talk math. Instead, let’s go straight to the point and talk about eyebrow threading!

Thanks to this modern-day hair removal technique, we can all wake up to beautifully shaped, clean-cut brows with very minimal maintenance, and more importantly, more free time in our hands. I remember first trying it in high school, and I haven’t looked back since!

And now that we’re offering it in Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty, it’s great knowing that a ton of  our customers can enjoy the same feeling of freedom as well. Not only does eyebrow threading rid you of the time spent plucking at home, but our brow experts also guarantee professional eyebrow shaping that – let’s face it – most of us don’t know much about!

If you’re interested in exploring this treatment, we’ve prepared this guide to help you know more about eyebrow threading – the benefits, the process, and the risks you should consider (spoiler alert: not much at all!). This may give you the assurance you need to set aside your tweezers once and for all.

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a type of hair removal procedure that makes use of a twisted cotton thread to pluck strands of unwanted hair in your brow area.

Compared to other common methods, there are notable differences that make it a top choice among people looking to clean and shape their brows.

For one, compared to shaving, it is not limited to removing surface-level hair, as it goes deeper and plucks hair from the root, in turn leading to more long-term results.

Moreover, unlike tweezing or regular plucking, it is capable of removing several strands at once, making the process a whole lot faster (not to mention, less painful overall!).

In that regard, most people tend to compare threading to waxing – both efficient at tackling hair follicles from the root, as well as covering multiple hairs at once. However, what sets brow threading apart is it does not require any special tools or a wax mixture. For a more detailed comparison between the two, you can refer to our dedicated article on eyebrow threading vs. waxing.

The Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

It is accurate.

Excuse the confidence, but the precision of a threading procedure is more than impressive! Considering that this is a non-invasive process, the results are clean and the resulting brow shape is accurate. With an experienced beauty therapist, you can achieve just about any desired eyebrow shape. Plus, you won’t have to worry about ingrown hairs! Also, unlike waxing and hair removal creams, the threading artist will have a full view of your brows every step of the way, allowing us to adjust whenever and wherever needed. In three simple words: Eyebrows on fleek!

Results can last for weeks.

Similar to other methods that remove hair from the root, a threading session leads to slower hair growth. Depending on your natural hair growth cycle, results can last between two to six weeks before coming in for your next session.

It is safe and does not use chemicals.

Special shoutout to those of you with delicate skin prone to itching and redness! Unlike waxing, eyebrow threading does not use any chemicals or artificial ingredients that touch your skin during the procedure. Some experts even go as far as to claim that threading is a safer solution compared to waxing, especially if you are currently using acne medications and topical treatments. And who are we to doubt the experts, right?!

The pain is minimal to zero.

Since facial hair is removed at the root, you may feel a little pain during the process, but all totally manageable! In fact, threading your brows is perhaps the least painful among the different types of hair removal procedures available in salons. This is mainly because the thread used barely touches the skin, so the only thing you really feel is the sensation of your hairs being swiftly and gently pulled out. Keep in mind, though, that this is an acquired skill and requires training. If done correctly by a professional, you will hardly feel any pain at all!

It saves time.

No explanation needed here – goodbye, plucking, tweezing, and all that cleanup time spent in front of your mirror!

Eyebrow Threading Procedure: Step-By-Step Explained

So what does eyebrow threading involve exactly?

Technically, not much! But to get the job done in the best, most precise (and safest!) way possible, you’ll need to have it done by a skilled professional, especially if you want to achieve your desired brow shape. Here’s how we do it!

Eyebrow Threading Process

  1. To start the session, our brow experts will have you sit and relax on our comfortable beauty bed while we take care of the rest.
  2. We will take a line of polyester or cotton thread, which we then double and twist into a specific shape, which is needed to perform the proper threading technique.
  3. As we position and move the thread across your eyebrows, it will grab your eyebrow hair in between the thread openings and pull them from the root.
  4. This careful technique is done until we achieve the most suitable brow shape for you. This covers both big and small areas of your brow, depending on your current shape and the amount of stray hairs per area. Basically, we’ll remove several strands of hair in one sweep! This is where skills and expertise matter the most, especially since a small move can drastically change the outcome.
  5. We’ll end the session by applying soothing cream to calm your skin and prevent any possible irritation. Then you’re good to go without any downtime!

How Long Does Eyebrow Threading Take?

The entire process takes only about 10 to 15 minutes, making it a perfect lunch break trip or a side stop in between running errands.

After the session, you will not face any risks or limitations in terms of the activities you can do or the products you can use. Plus, patch tests aren’t necessary because, unlike waxing, it does not use any product mixtures or ingredients in the actual procedure. Some people may experience slight redness and skin sensitivity afterwards, but these quickly disappear within the day and do not pose long-term risks. That said, the (very) minor discomforts felt during the procedure are definitely worth these amazing benefits!

Safety Questions About Eyebrow Threading

Is Eyebrow Threading Safe?

Is eyebrow threading recommended for sensitive skin?

This is probably the most asked question we get about brow threading. As with all hair removal treatments at salons – especially those targeting full hair follicles – people with sensitive skin may experience some skin irritation. However, that’s not to say that threading is bad for you! Just expect minor pain and redness without panicking or worrying. Our beauty therapists will apply soothing gel to instantly remedy these discomforts, and you should leave without risks. And in the rare instance that you still feel persistent sensations, you can easily place a cold compress over your eyebrows for additional comfort.

Can you thread your own eyebrows?

Eyebrow threading basically involves a line of cotton thread and a good eye for brow shaping. And while it may sound relatively simple, it’s the second point – the training and expertise to do it correctly – that ultimately encourages a professional’s touch vs. attempting to do it on your own.

If not done properly, it can lead to a whole slew of problems – skin irritation, pain, frustration, or worse, misshaped or uneven brows that will take a while to grow back – yikes!

In other words: Best to be safe and trust the professionals!

Can eyebrow threading cause allergies?

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to be allergic to brow threading, you’ll be happy to know that the chances are very minimal to zero.

As mentioned, threading is a gentle process that does not use any chemicals, so the chances of developing an allergy is extremely low. Regardless, our beauty therapists are always just a call away for your peace of mind before the procedure.

With all those safety questions covered, your only concern with eyebrow threading should be  to find the right professional to do it for you. Apart from using the proper techniques, eyebrow shaping and defining needs a trained eye. By placing the fate of your brows in the wrong hands, you could end up with irregularly shaped brows or, worse, no brows at all!

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