Eyebrow Threading Benefits: A Guide to Perfect Brows

Eyebrow Threading Benefits: A Guide to Perfect Brows

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It’s time to set your tweezers aside and get precious hours of your life back. We’re talking about your brows. Thanks to a hair removal technique called eyebrow threading, women from all over can now wake up to beautifully shaped, stray hair-free brows with very minimal maintenance.

Hunching over the mirror to check for stubborn strains of eyebrow hairs is tedious and time-consuming. So we’ve prepared this guide to help you know more about eyebrow threading benefits and what you should consider (not a lot, frankly!) before getting this simple but impactful beauty procedure.

What is eyebrow threading?

Brow threading is a type of hair removal procedure that makes use of a twisted cotton thread to pluck several strands of unwanted hair at a time.

Unlike tweezing or regular plucking, threading does not require any special tools and can remove multiple hairs together from their roots. However, it does require a trained eye for brow shaping. With that said, you must consult a professional to have this procedure done on you.

eyebrow threading benefits

Eyebrow threading process

What does eyebrow threading involve? The process looks simple, though it needs to have a skilled beauty therapist to achieve your desired brow shape so that it seems like it’s a walk in the park. There’s no patch test necessary because, unlike waxing where hot wax is applied, but the area will need to be cleaned prior to the procedure.

You will be seated in a salon chair or asked to lie down as your aesthetician takes a line of polyester or cotton thread, doubles it, and then twists it. As the thread is positioned and moved around your eyebrows skillfully, it grabs your eyebrow hair in between the thread openings to pull hairs free, including their roots.

It’s a quick process and takes only about 10 to 15 minutes, with no downtime. So if you’re running errands or taking a break from the office and decide that your eyebrows need upkeep, you can head straight for the salon and get your eyebrows threaded in no time.

Is threading recommended for sensitive skin?

Expect to feel a little pain during the process, but all of that will be manageable. Your facial hairs will be threaded from their roots (just like waxing) so it might be a bit painful. Sensations vary depending on your pain tolerance level.

Is it okay to get your eyebrows threaded if you have sensitive skin? It should be all right. The thread will rub against the skin during the threading process, though, so it will cause some minor skin irritation and redness. Most beauty salons apply a specialising post-treatment balm or aloe vera, rose water, or tea tree gel to help soothe and calm the eyebrow area right after threading to reduce redness almost instantly.

Can threading cause allergies?

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to be allergic to threading? The answer is very minimal to zero. Threading is a gentle process that does not use any chemicals, so the chances of developing an allergy is extremely low. Aestheticians recommend it for all skin types. Regardless, speak to your beauty therapist about any such concerns before getting the procedure for your peace of mind.

eyebrow threading benefits

Benefits of Threading Your Eyebrows

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this hair removal procedure for keeping your brows on fleek.

It is safe and does not use chemicals.

Unlike other types of hair removal procedures, there are no chemicals or any artificial ingredients touching your skin with threading. With that said, if you have delicate skin that’s prone to itching and redness, you’ll find a great benefit in this procedure. In fact, even WebMD states that threading is a safer solution compared to waxing, especially if you are currently using acne medications and topical treatments.

The pain is minimal to zero.

Threading your brows is perhaps the least painful, if at all, among the differenttypes of hair removal procedures available in salons. This is mainly because the thread use barely even touches the skin, so the only thing you really feel is the sensation of your hairs being swiftly and gently pulled out. This is a gained skill and requires training. If done correctly by an expert beautician, the discomfort will be very minimal.

It saves time.

Plucking and tweezing your brows now and then is tedious and time consuming. Threading cuts your daily prep time significantly by letting you skip this cleanup process. The procedure itself is also quick and easy. It takes only around 10 to 15 minutes, or until you achieve your desired eyebrow shape.

It is accurate.

The precision of a threading procedure by a skilled therapist is impressive. Considering that this is a non-invasive process, the results are clean and the resulting brow shape is accurate. An experienced beautician can remove several strands of hair in one sweep, to make it even quicker; and there are no ingrown hairs. Also, unlike waxing and hair removal creams, the threading artist will have a full view of your brows every step of the way.

The only downside to threading…

Perhaps the only disadvantage to threading is the slight redness that might feel in the treatment area right after the technician is done. But this isn’t really an issue as it will quickly subside. Salons typically apply a soothing gel after, but if you still feel a little uncomfortable, you can try placing a cold compress over the location.

The most important tip you need to know about eyebrow threading is that you should always have yours done by a professional. Shaping and defining your brows needs a trained eye. By placing the fate of your brows in the wrong hands, you could end up with irregularly shaped brows or, worse, no brows at all.

Ready to thread your eyebrows?

At Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty, we take pride in our experienced and highly trained beauticians who have performed threading procedures on hundreds of new and repeat clients. We’re quite the brow fanatics ourselves, so you can be assured that yours will be in excellent hands. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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