Eyebrow Threading vs. Waxing: What’s Better?

Eyebrow Threading vs. Waxing: What's the Difference?

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With all the hype, effort, and – dare we say – pressure surrounding brow grooming and  maintenance, there are many ways to ensure that your brows look effortlessly shaped and well-groomed to your liking. Clean and natural like Margot Robbie, shaped and snatched like Kim K, or full and brushed up like Brooke Shields – the celebrity pegs are endless, and so are your options to help achieve them. Today we discuss two of these popular hair removal methods: Eyebrow threading vs. waxing. Which one should you get, and is one really better than the other? Well, you’ll have to join our debate to find out. Let’s begin!

What Is Threading?

What is Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a simple treatment that does not require any fancy tools or products, except the use of a cotton thread and expertly trained hands to maneuver it. After doubling and twisting the thread into a specific shape, it is then glided along the brows to remove hair strands from their roots. It is a careful process that involves accurate movements and a good eye for eyebrow shaping. While it may sound intimidating, the entire treatment actually only takes around 15 minutes to complete, especially if done by a professional brow expert. For a more in-depth guide, you can read our comprehensive article on eyebrow threading here!

What is Waxing?

What is Waxing?

Eyebrow waxing is somewhat similar to threading, in a sense that they both target unwanted hair strands at the root. But instead of a cotton thread, it uses warm wax to assist in the process. At-home waxing kits are widely available for people to do on their own, but it is still best to get it done by a professional, especially since you’ll be dealing with a hot mixture.

There are several types of wax for hair removal depending on the salon you go to, but they’re generally classified into hard wax or liquid wax. If hard wax is involved, a pre-epilation oil is used before and after cleaning. No wax strip is needed here, as the hard wax turns into a strip itself. When it hardens, the wax is removed in one swift move, removing all the individual hairs underneath it. For liquid wax, on the other hand, the process is the same, only that a cloth strip is placed over the wax until it hardens and is eventually pulled off.

Similarities Between Eyebrow Threading and Waxing

Does threading or waxing last longer?

  • Threading and waxing are semi-permanent hair removal procedures. This basically means: Do not expect permanent results. The upside is, they’re both far better than shaving! Unlike cutting the hair at the surface, both pluck the hair from its root, leading to slower hair growth and longer results. You’ll ideally enjoy two to six weeks of clean-cut brows before you need to come in for your next session.

Does threading or waxing hurt more?

  • Both treatments, although non-invasive, come with a few side effects on your skin, like slight redness, swelling, and skin sensitivity. However, in the hands of an expert beauty therapist, these discomforts should not progress to any long-term irritation or reactions. In fact, they are easily manageable and typically disappear within the day. Plus, you’ll be given some soothing cream to calm the skin after both treatments. With that said, if you’re wondering whether eyebrow waxing or threading can cause possible brow damage, you’ll be happy to know that the answer is a safe and confident NO – which leads us to this last bit:

Is it easier to do threading or waxing?

  • The most important requirement for both treatments: Threading and waxing are best performed by brow experts and trained technicians. You’ll find many home waxing kits, as well as threading tutorials online, that encourage people to try both methods on their own. And while we’re all about learning new things and getting out of your comfort zone, the skills required for both the technique and the brow shaping may take years to master. If you truly want to save yourself the time, effort, and risk of misaligned brows, then go the professional route!

Difference Between Eyebrow Threading and Waxing

Now, when it comes to their differences, waxing and threading post only a few unique characteristics, although they are often the reasons why some prefer one over the other. Apart from the obvious fact that their procedures are completely different, here are the others worth mentioning:

  • Eyebrow waxing involves products that may lead to chemical or allergic reactions, especially for those with sensitive skin. The good news is, most salons offer a patch test beforehand to prevent this from happening.
Allergic Reactions Due To Eyebrow Waxing

  • Similarly, eyebrow threading may cause a different negative reaction to the skin. For some people, having their eyebrows threaded can cause dry skin or irritation due to the thread’s friction against their brow area. However, this can be quickly remedied by applying a moisturiser or soothing gel to protect the skin as the process is performed.
Dry Skin Due To Eyebrow Threading

  • But perhaps the biggest difference between waxing and threading is how the hair strands are pulled out. When you have your eyebrows waxed, the hairs are removed in one direction in a single pull. While for eyebrow threading, the cotton thread is maneuvered in different directions to ensure an extra clean sweep.

Eyebrow Threading vs. Waxing: Which Is Better For Your Brows?

All that said, which of the two is better for you? We’d hate to end the debate on an anti-climactic note, but truthfully, choosing between the two is a matter of what you prioritise.

First and foremost, both treatments are equally effective in cleaning up any unwanted hair from your brows. So if you’re simply looking to get away from daily plucking, then either of the two is a good alternative!

Secondly, there is no right or wrong answer, just a question of what works for you. On that note, we’ll end with our recommendations based on common points of preference. It’s the least we can do in the absence of a clear winner!

Waxing or Threading: Which is Better?

Faster hair removal: Waxing

A waxing treatment will remove larger areas of unwanted hair in one quick go. So if you’re someone who prioritizes a faster treatment, then waxing may be better for you. Eyebrow threading, on the other hand, involves a more thorough removal that may take longer. Hence, the next point:

More accurate shape: Threading

The careful threading process of twisting and pulling allows the brow technician to carefully target hair at hard-to-reach areas. That said, threading is particularly better for removing tiny hairs that – although may not be seen from a distance – can actually affect your overall brow shape.

Lower pain level: Depends

Because threading does not involve hot wax or the need to pull off product from the skin, it is generally less painful than waxing.

However, since it is a more accurate process, it will take longer to complete the session. That means you’ll experience mild sensations, except for a longer period of time. So again, this will depend on the kind of method you want to experience – faster but more aggression on the skin, or less aggression but more plucking movements.

For sensitive skin: Depends

Both threading and waxing pose their fair share of minor side effects, especially for sensitive skin. If you can deal with a little redness and skin sensitivity, then either of the two will be safe for you to try. The final decision will ultimately depend on what your beauty therapist will recommend – which brings us to our most important tip:

Where To Get Professional Hair Removal Treatments

If you’re unsure whether waxing or threading may be the best fit for you, our beauty therapists at Lovoir Skin Body and Beauty can help you out.  We offer different hair removal treatments, including waxing and threading,  all both guaranteed to deliver perfectly shaped brows based on your goals! Give us a call or visit us at the salon, and we’ll evaluate your skin before recommending the safest and most suitable treatment plan for you.

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