The Ultimate Guide on Facials: Here’s Why Getting Regular Facials Is Necessary!

Why you should have regular facials

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It’s time to face the very real fact that they not only feel incredible but are also really important for an overall good skincare routine, too. Allow us to explain:

Benefits of Getting Regular Facials

Facials give a deep cleanse

Nothing will get as deep into your pores and remove dirt, bacteria, oil and other toxins quite like one. (Yes, including the odd squeeze at home yourself, which can contribute to scarring, broken capillaries and acne flare-ups.)

Facials exfoliate and remove dead skin cells

It will thoroughly remove dead skin cells, revealing a healthy, glowing layer underneath.

Facials rejuvenate the skin

By exfoliating, the skin, facials not only get rid of the dead cells that cause your skin to look dull but also enables your skin to better absorb products, too – win-win! You’ll also find that your skin gets a better texture, meaning an improved canvas for make-up, as well as a more even skin tone. Hello, glowing skin!

Facials prevent skin impurities

They’re not only vital for getting rid of blackheads and blemishes but can even stop them from happening in the first place. Other things they can help prevent include seasonal sensitivities and the first signs of aging.

Facials prevent skin aging

Bad news: As you get older, more and more free radicals will build up in the skin. And if that wasn’t enough, your skin’s natural collagen production slows down, too, meaning fine lines and wrinkles will rear their head. It’s just the way it is, unfortunately, and can start happening as early as your 20s!

The good news, however, is that undertaking regular, professional facials will help mitigate all of this – and more – thanks to an increase in circulation which helps boost cell turnover due to an increase in essential nutrients. The result? A slowed aging process that will help you maintain a more youthful appearance via brighter, tighter skin.

regular facials improves skin

Facials promote lymphatic drainage

In other words, regularly massaging the face gets things moving, meaning toxins are flushed out and fluid retention is reduced.

Facials help treat specific skin conditions

Whether you’re battling hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, sun damage, dry skin or under-eye bags, regular facials can help.

Facials boost mental health

They’re not just good for your skin, they’re vital for your overall wellbeing, too. They’ve been shown to help reduce stress and help you feel more relaxed. One study in the Biomedical Research journal claims that massaging the face activates your sympathetic nervous system, helping to reduce anxiety and lift your mood.

Facials train your skin

Here’s something you may not know: Cells have a memory. Yup, not only do they like routine, they also respond much better when they’re in one!

Facials give you access to professionals

Along with the actual physical benefits of having a regular facial comes the expertise, advice and evaluation of the professionals treating you. No-one will be getting more up, close and personal with your face and, as a result, can recommend the best products for your skin type. Not to mention the fact that complex skin issues should neverbe tackled yourself, unless you want to make them worse.  And that’s something money simply cannot buy!

What Types of Facials Are There?

Here at Lovoir, we offer a range of different professional strength exfoliation treatments, such as microdermabrasion and facial peels.

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How Often Should I Get a Facial?

At the very minimum you should treat your face at least four times a year (to coincide with seasonal changes), but experts unanimously agree that the best results are actually seen once a month – especially because our skin cell turnover is 28 days.

Keep in mind, though, this will depend on several factors, such as your skin type, skin condition and skincare goals, which we would be delighted to talk through with you!

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Tips on Getting Regular Facials

  • Always go to a trusted aesthetician or salon (like yours truly!)
  • Always inform the professional of any skin conditions or allergies you have beforehand
  • Avoid going out in the sun immediately after and make sure you’re adequately covered up with sunblock and protective clothing for at least a week afterwards
  • Probably the most important of all: While regular facials are great for your complexion, your daily skincare routine has the biggest part to play in the health of your skin. Using active products, along with regular facials, will ensure your aesthetician can use the best, most professional products to achieve the best results! Just like you wouldn’t run a marathon without jogging every day, so too your skin needs regular TLC.

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