What Does Dermapen Microneedling Do For Your Skin?

What does Dermapen do for your skin?

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It’s been a while since we focused on the awesomeness that is the Dermapen, so we’ll forgive you if you can’t quite remember all the reasons it’s our weapon of choice when it comes to microneedling. If you’ve got some time now, feel free to enjoy some of our other blog posts dedicated to it here and here.  For those desperate to get to the actual benefits of the Dermapen on your skin (and there are lots of them!), here’s a quick recap:

The original (and best, in our opinion), microneedling device, the Dermapen makes tiny pinpricks in your skin, encouraging it to regenerate and rejuvenate the cells. Safe, effortless and effective, it can be used to treat a whole host of skin conditions:

Enlarged Pores

Our bodies naturally produce sebum to stop our skin from drying out. However, when too much of this oily substance is produced, the skin can become overstretched, resulting in larger pores. Other causes of enlarged pores include aging, genetics and acne.

Enlarged pores can occur anywhere on the body but are perhaps most common – and most distressing – on the face.

Despite imagining that piercing your skin hundreds of times might contribute to the problem, mirconeedling will actually do the opposite. Yup, indulging in this treatment will help induce the production of collagen to both tighten and refine enlarged pores. Cool, huh?

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Thanks to its role in producing collagen – the key to new, younger-looking skin – a Dermapen procedure is also up there in anti-aging. Triggering a whole generation of new skin cells and collagen – which will help to fill in any unwanted lines – dermatologists have found a noticeable reduction in crow’s feet and wrinkles after just a few sessions of microneedling. Best results, however, are seen after 4-6 treatments. Although microneedling for fine lines and wrinkles is usually performed on the face, there’s nothing to stop other parts of the body being treated, too. And because it works by relying on the body’s own healing mechanisms, it couldn’t be more natural, either.

Minimal pain, side-effects and downtime – just what the doctor ordered.

Acne & Problematic Skin

Although a Dermapen treatment is commonly associated with acne scarring (more on that soon), it can also help clear up acne itself. This is because by creating tiny wounds in the skin, it causes the skin to heal. As well as reducing the appearance of acne, it will also:

  • Create the necessary ‘microchannels’ for the all-important Vitamin A creams needed to fight the causes of acne
  • Boost new collagen and elastin

The result? Smoother, tighter and brighter skin all round.

You’ll most likely see results within the first six weeks of treatment with the full effect continuing over the following three months.

Bid adieu to problematic skin – book microneedling now!

Stretch Marks & Cellulite

Whether pregnancy-related or the lingering mark of a puberty-related growth spurt; a genetic predisposition or the result of a rapid weight change, stretch marks and cellulite can leave an, er, unwanted mark – if you’ll pardon the pun. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, how impressive your diet is or how much value you get out of your gym membership; sometimes there’s just no escaping it. Thank goodness, then, for the Dermapen.

Caused by an over-stretching of the skin, resulting in a thinning epidermis and a disruption of collagen production, microneedling acts to promote regeneration of the cells which will then cover the unwanted marks. Specifically, a Dermapen procedure can help fill in lines, smooth out uneven textures and even work its magic on pigmentation issues. Together, this makes the treatment a top choice for stretch marks and cellulite.


Scars are the areas of tissue that replace normal skin after an injury. Despite being made up of the same collagen they replace, however, their composition is markedly different, resulting in a more pronounced, thicker appearance. Microneedling can be used on any types of scars, but one of its most popular applications is for acne.

A study on the effects of microneedling in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery reported almost 100% of acne-scarred participants describing an improvement in their skin following the procedure. Another 2016 study in the Dermatologic Surgery journal added that it’s also a preferable treatment to various laser options for scarring. This is because it carries fewer side effects and less downtime.

Vitally, further research has suggested that the effects of a Dermapen treatment on acne scars are significantly enhanced when combined with vitamin C.

scars can be treated with microneedling

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Caused by a range of factors, such as sun damage, aging or hormonal changes, unwanted brown marks – usually found on the face – can be a real knock to your confidence.

The result of an uneven production of melanin, pigmentation spots are incredibly stubborn and become darker over time, instead of fading naturally. If you want to get rid of them, therefore, you need an effective treatment. The good news is, you need look no further than the Dermapen.

Thanks to the tiny wounds created, the skin regenerates, causing the outer, marked layer to dry up and peel off. After about one week, a brand-new surface – free from any unwanted spots – is revealed. The best bit of all? It’s effective for all skin types and colours. All in all, it’s the perfect treatment for pigmentation.

dermapen 4 collagen induction therapy

The results of the Dermapen speak for themselves. Oh, and did we mention we are Gold ATP standard? That means you’ll receive superior results – safely and effectively – when having your treatment with us.

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to your skin condition today. Book here.

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