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Do you have aching muscles and joints or feel a bit stressed? Feel those worries melt away under the hands of our experienced massage therapists. Choose from our therapeutic full-body massage services near Harewood including deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, swedish massage and pregnancy massage.

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Our Most Popular Therapeutic Massages

Aromatherapy Massage - $105.00
60 Minutes
Deep Tissue Massage - $115.00
60 Minutes
Indian Head Massage - $80.00
30 Minutes
Hot Stone Massage - 160.00
90 Minutes
Reflexology - $90.00
40 Minutes
Pregnancy Massage - $110.00
60 Minutes

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Which Massage Style Is For You?

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage Aromatherapy can calm and soothe your emotions, mind and body with dedicated blends of essential oils. This Swedish style of massage incorporates long flowing effleurage, muscle kneading and gentle joint movement over your entire body to relax the mind and ease muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is quite a bit deeper and firmer than Aromatherapy massage. It's a fantastic massage style after strenuous excercise and for relief of anxiety and tension.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage uses heated basalt stones to relieve tension, tightness and muscle pain. This massage is the ultimate treatment to encourage a relaxed mind and reduce anxiety.

Indian Head Massage

Great for relieving minor sinus pain, headaches and migraines. Indian Head Massage has been performed for many years with stretching techniques and pressure points that gently increase blood flow and ease muscle tension.


Your feet are telling you that they deserve a break. Come and get one with Reflexology, the perfect way to relieve stress while restoring your energy levels naturally at Lovoir. With our certified and highly skilled reflexologist using effective but gentle pressure on different points of your feet, this ancient therapy helps rebalance body fluids as well as rejuvenate various organs in order to give you an all over sense of wellbeing.

Pregnancy Massage

Relaxing, safe and therapeutic, regular massage can help to reduce stress and ease body aches once you've passed the first trimester. Fluid retention that can build as you near your due date is also eased with regular massage. Safe right up until you go into labour.

Lovoir's beauty therapists offer the best massage sessions near Harewood with hundreds of satisfied customers that keep coming back to visit us. With our many years of experience and dedication to quality, you can trust you're in safe hands.





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