Facial Extractions: Do They Really Improve The Skin?

Do Facial Extractions Really Improve The Skin?

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When we hear of dermatologists and professional facials, many of us picture scary devices and sharp tools penetrating our pores, plucking out deep-seated dirt, and inflicting pain on our skin for a good, solid hour. In other (less dramatic) words, we think: Facial extractions.

Contrary to popular belief, this skincare technique is so much more than that looming vision we dread when coming in for a facial. Despite a few temporary discomforts, its benefits for the skin are definitely worth it – from cleansing to smoothening to preventing acne and blackheads. It may sound daunting, but trust us, it has its perks – lots of them!

If you’re interested in trying out facial extractions but have your doubts on its effects and risks, this article may help you out.

We break down the benefits, the process, before and after tips, and ultimately, help you decide whether you should or should not give them a try. Here’s what you need to know!

What are Facial Extractions?

What Are Facial Extractions?

In simple terms, facial extractions are a form of deep cleansing for the pores. It involves specific tools and techniques to get rid of all the trapped gunk, particularly dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.

Unlike regular cleansing or exfoliating, it offers a more hardworking approach as it focuses on each individual pore, carefully clearing them from any deep-seated debris.

Extractions are typically performed by aestheticians or dermatologists in spas, beauty salons, or skin clinics. It is one of the many steps in a facial treatment, working in tandem with the rest of the beauty routine to deliver the best results for the skin.

Are Facial Extractions Good For Your Skin?

Despite the horror stories many of us may have heard, facial extractions are actually good for the skin!

For one, they specifically target clogged pores, which are the root cause for many common skin problems, from rough skin and a dull complexion to more serious conditions like acne and hyperpigmentation.

And secondly (and more importantly), its deep cleansing action triggers an array of other benefits for the skin!

Benefits of Facial Extractions

  • Clears the pores of oil, dirt, dead skin cells, product buildup and other unwanted debris
  • Removes blackheads and whiteheads
  • Prevents future acne breakouts
  • Helps clear and brighten complexion
  • Helps even out skin tone and the appearance of dark spots
  • Smoothes and softens skin texture
  • Prepares the skin to absorb other products
  • Serves as safer and faster alternative to pimple popping
Benefits of Facial Extractions

DIY Facial Extractions vs. Professional Facial Extractions: What’s Better?

While facial extractions were popularised by these professional services, recent years have seen the rise in DIY extractions and tools that have appealed to eager users who would rather not depend on salon treatments to clear their skin. These at-home techniques are much less invasive in nature and only really work on surface level impurities.

That said, DIY facial extractions may help your skin to some degree if done properly. BUT attempting this yourself comes with its fair share of risks for a number of reasons:

  1. Squeezing or popping a pimple leaves the skin torn, and this tearing may leave behind a scar, especially if the technique is wrong or it is not given enough time to heal.
  2. Not all pores are created equal. In simple beauty speak, that means only some pores are suitable for extractions! For example: Blackheads, yes. Whiteheads, depends. Active acne or pimples, no. Pustules or cysts with no visible head, double no. You get the picture!
DIY Facial Extractions vs. Professional Facials

Basically put: Knowing what and what not to touch requires knowledge and experience. For this reason, leaving facial extractions to the professionals is the wisest decision you can make for the best, safest results! Moreover, they are equipped with the right tools and skills to extract more serious cases like deep pimples, milia, inflammatory acne, pustules, and the like.

That said, if you’re ready to get them done by a professional, here’s what you can expect from your facial!

What To Expect From Facials With Extractions

Do extractions help acne?

The short answer: Yes, facial extractions can help get rid of acne.

The long answer: While it is helpful, extractions are most effective for certain forms of acne, like pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Inflammatory acne or cystic acne, on the hand, are best treated by a dermatologist, followed by other facials like LED light therapy, chemical peels or microdermabrasion and prescription products like retinoids, antibiotics and the like.

Are facial extractions painful?

Truthfully, yes, facial extractions can be painful, especially for people with sensitive skin or a low tolerance for pain. However, if done by a skilled aesthetician or dermatologist, you can expect a more pleasant experience. They are known to customise their treatments based on your specific pain level, as well as provide soothing products to minimise discomfort as much as possible.

How long do facial extractions take to heal?

The healing process largely depends on the condition of your skin and how severe your breakouts or skin issues were. Ideally, it may take between five to seven days at most. That is, of course, alongside proper aftercare habits and religiously following instructions from your aesthetician or dermatologist.

What To Expect From Facials With Extractions

Do blackheads return after facial extractions?

Yes. It’s important to remember that extractions aren’t a one-time solution. Our pores are constantly exposed to factors like dirt, pollution, natural sebum production, and the like, which means pore clogging is inevitable. That said, it is best to get regular facial extractions and ask your beauty therapist which are the right products for you to keep your skin consistently clean and gunk-free.

How often should you get facial extractions?

We recommend getting a facial with extractions once a month. This will allow your skin’s top layer to naturally heal before you come in for your next session. In between, make sure to keep your skin as healthy as possible by following your tried-and-tested daily skincare routine.

How to calm skin after extractions?

There are a few home remedies you can easily do to help calm your skin after extractions! These include applying an ice pack, cold compress or cold cucumber to soothe the discomfort and reduce the redness.

Other than this, the only way to heal your skin after an extraction is to give it TIME and TLC. Here are some tips to keep in mind!

Before & After Tips

  • Come into the salon fresh-faced and clear from any makeup or skincare products.
  • After your facial extraction session, follow a gentle skincare routine until your skin is fully healed. This includes gentle, fragrance-free cleansers and moisturisers to calm and hydrate the skin.
  • Avoid strong products like skin acids, heavy-duty creams, exfoliants while the skin is still open and healing.
  • Avoid applying heavy make-up for the next few days just to give your skin time to breathe and heal. A better alternative are skin friendly, non comedogenic products to prevent them forming in the first place!
Where To Get Professional Facial Extractions

Professional Facial Extractions at Lovoir 

Here at Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty, we offer extractions as part of our Deep Cleansing Enzyme Facial. It uses pure enzymes to gently cleanse, unclog pores, and exfoliate for smooth, bright, healthy-looking skin. For customers with more problematic skin, we add facial extractions to the routine, which will further address active breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, and other deep-seated impurities.

  • During the procedure:
    • Cleanse, extractions, moisturise, facial mask
    • Length of treatment: 50 minutes
    • Ideal treatment plan: Once a month
    • Sensations during treatment: No pain or discomfort

  • After the procedure:
    • Downtime: None
    • Recovery period: None
    • Immediate side effects: None
    • Avoid: No strict instructions on what to avoid.

  • Suitable for all skin types: Yes, including sensitive skin

If you’re unsure whether this treatment is suitable for you, book a skin consultation with our skin therapists, and we can recommend the best facial treatment based on your skin type and condition.

We also suggest adding our Teeth Whitening treatment to your pamper day at the salon! After your facial, treat yourself to a teeth whitening session and enjoy whiter, brighter teeth and instant results.

Sounds like a good plan? See you at Lovoir Day Spa!

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